Maybe your life isn't necessarily bad, but, it isn't great either. We all hit transitional phases in our lives, and I can help you work through yours.


Looking to make a change or a new start with a career, but you're not quite sure what it might be? Let's explore your options and create a plan, together.


Leave dogma at the door, and let's explore the deep yearnings of your soul. Discovering the blocks to the awareness of love's presence is a must for every spiritual seeker.

Strengths Teams

Utilizing the Strength's framework created by Gallup, Inc., I help teams explore the power of leveraging combined Strengths to take productivity to a whole new level.

Strengths Leadership

Trust. Compassion. Stability. Hope. These are the four crucial components of followership -- do you know how to cultivate these with those you lead?

Strengths Relationships

Strengths can be tapped to increase the quality of relationships, whether it's with a partner, a spouse, your kids, or your entire family. Ask me how.

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